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Pediatric Center

This Center provides care, treatment and consultation for children from birth till 14 years old with complete range of essetial inoculations and special vaccinations such as Measles and Mumps vaccine, Hepatitis A and B vaccine, Hib vaccine, Japanese Encephalitis vaccine, Meningitis vaccine, Typhoid vaccine etc.

- The Center also services children group health   check-up, both within the hospital and outside, as   well as consultation in child growth and development.

- Check-up and treatment of infectious diseases, birth    defects as well as cancer in children.

- Diagnose and treatment for diseases of various  glands that cause stunting (not growing tall), obesity,  premature aging, diabetes, enlarged thyroid gland      among others.

 - The available child care facility for new-born children  for both day-care (come and go) and regular stay.