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Located in the heart of the busy Sukumvit area and conveniently accessible by BTS, the Center of Internal Medicine at Sukumvit Hospital provides comprehensive care focused on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adults of all ages. To accommodate all aspects of illnesses, our center consists of several experienced general practitioners as highly-trained specialists of various medical areas who focus on the coordination of care for clients.

We cover a wide range of specially internal medicine. pulmonary, nephrology, gastroenterology, neurology, oncology, infectious disease, psychiatry, rheumatology, hematology and endocrinology, we also offer nutritional consultation by our experienced dietitian.

At the center, you will find that our highly-knowledgeable doctor along with compassionate and professional nurses can help you achieve your optimal wellness through the services we offer, which include:

  • Preventive care, including routine visits and immunizations.
  • Pre-employment health check-up.
  • Pre-insurance medical check-up.
  • Treatment for minor illnesses, including cold, flu and sore throat.
  • Chronic disease management such as for diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and kidney disease.
  • Treatment for psychological conditions, including depression and naxiety
  • Screening for bacteria in your stomach, using Urea Breathe test, a rapid and non-invasive diagnostic test
  • Gastroscopy, a teat using a flexible tube with a camera attached to its end to look into the upper part of your gut
  • ECP, is a diagnostic procedure designed to examine disease of the liver, bile, ducts, and pancreas.



Medical Center

Location of Service Center :
1B Floor, Sukumvit Hospital.

Service time : Open daily 07:00 am - 10:00 pm

Please contact the Medical Center :
+66 (0) 2-391-0011 ext. 225, 226, 227

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