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Pain Rehabilitation Center. A center where every pain in your life is healed.

Pain Rehabilitation Center of Sukhumvit Hospital is a center that offers a complete care to your pain no matter it is mild, moderate, or severe. Most of the patients have problems with bones and joints, office syndromes, and are those who are exercise lovers. Our patients also include those who suffer deterioration of knees, shoulders, hip, and back. They suffer great pain and mostly have undergone surgeries. Some suffer the pain caused by pressure on the nerves. Some suffer cancer. Their pain is great and won’t go away, and we are here to take care of them in particular.

Our treatment concept is Pain Regenerative. Apart from pain reduction, we are also aiming to regenerate what is damaged. Broken or torn tissues can be repaired by the body itself. Patients can return to their normal life, play sports they love, they just need to adjust how to use particular parts of the body properly. For severe pain groups, we focus on the procedures which are aiming to reduce the pain. After the procedure, patients must live their life with the least pain possible with the least pain medication needed.

The machine that helps with pain rehabilitation

In case of chronic pain, not only an equipment is used to reduce it, but also generate new tissues to repair the damaged part of the body. The first machine to be used is High Power Laser to reduce the pain and the inflammation. This equipment increases cell energy. One of the examples is our patient who suffered DM related chronic wound. Apart from normal wound care, this machine also enhanced the body to fix itself faster.

Shock Wave equipment releases waves to stimulate stem cells of the damaged tissues to fix themselves faster. PMS is a magnetic stimulator using magnetic wave to reduce the pain caused by nerves and muscles. If the patients do not respond to the treatment by these equipment, we still have many procedures in place to help with the treatment.

At our center, our medical team consists of doctors who are specialized in each procedure that gives minimal pain and quick post procedure recovery especially cancer patients. As we all know well that cancer patients already suffer great pain, we therefore focus on right to the point treatment to reduce the pain, make better quality of life to these cancer patients. We do not perform operations on the mass, but cure the pain caused by those mass.


Our doctors at Pain Rehabilitation Center, Sukhumvit Hospital

Our multidisciplinary team is at your service. Our medical team is comprised of specialists including rehabilitation, orthopedists, and even psychiatrists. We know that pain is stressful and make patients depressed. Pain causes negative impacts to daily life and patients are often stressed out. Plus, anesthesiologists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists are also parts of treatment planning.

What about the opinion of a doctor who is directly working in pain rehabilitation? Dr.Marvin Thepsoparn is sharing his experience here at Sukhumvit Hospital

At our Pain Rehabilitation Center, most procedure is done with high frequency wave. The vibration generates heat, and when the heat is applied on the nerves, they stop working thus no pain signal is sent to the brain. Next is spinal electric stimulator. This equipment is designed to treat spinal pain caused by nerves so it is highly recommended for those who suffer spinal nerves or spinal bone related pain and those who has undergone spinal surgery but the pain has not been completely cured. We also have a device which administers morphine through spinal which is very suitable for cancer patients who do not respond to pain medication. This method effectively helps with pain relief.

Pain rehabilitation and quality of life

Everyone has his own daily activities. Although with the pain, these people should be able to do their daily activities such as self-handling, going to toilet, taking shower, or whatever. When the pain causes them to discontinue those activities, fixing the pain of course makes their quality of life better.

Impacts of pain towards patient’s live

They are numerous. The obvious example is cancer patients. Those who handle their pain better are likely to live longer than those who do not. Cancer comes with pain. When the pain is greater, the nervous system is automatically stimulated and what follows are rapid heartbeats and higher blood pressures which eventually causes impacts throughout every system of the body. If the pain is minimized or controlled, we find that the patients tend to live more comfortably both physically and mentally. With less pain, they live longer. Most cancers cause pain, and most of patient cancers focus more on cancer treatment. Currently we have found that the effective pain rehabilitation should be done together with cancer treatment. Cancer patients already suffer stressful circumstances. When there is pain, they don’t want to do anything. When pain and cancer are treated alongside, patients tend to feel more encouraged and their quality of life is improved.

Dr. Marvin Thepsoparn

Dr. Marvin Thepsoparn
Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist

Dr.Vorawat Eawsinphanit

Dr.Vorawat Eawsinphanit
Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist

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