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Dear new parents, we know that you can’t wait for your baby’s first tooth to pop! Now let’s get to know a bit more about your baby’s teeth, which one to pop first, teeth care, and dentist visit. All of these are a part of your baby’s growth and development which need parental attention as well.

When does the first tooth appear?

Mostly during 4 – 7 months but this could be sooner or later. The first baby tooth to appear is usually the lower front tooth followed by the upper front tooth. Normally baby teeth are complete by the time of 3 years old. There are 20 baby teeth. Permanent teeth start to take place around 6 years old.

Baby teeth care

Gum care comes first and should be done since newborn. Clean your baby’s gum with clean gauze soaked with water and gently rub around the gum after waking up and after the last meal before bed time to wipe off those milk stains. Do not let your baby sleep while sucking on bottle because it causes tooth decay. Weaning should be practiced when the first baby tooth appears. Allow your baby to drink from milk during 6 – 9 months old. Bottle weaning should be complete during 1 – 1 ½ years old. After that parents should start introducing a toothbrush to your baby and parents help with proper toothbrushing afterwards.

The suitable time of the first dentist visit

The recommended first dentist visit is when the first baby tooth appears. Your dentist will give you suggestions of oral hygiene. Dentist visit is important not only for oral care but also for your child to learn that this is a normal process, dentist visit is not scary at all. Do not use negative words to your child during dentist visit. Most of the children end up being scared before dental check is even begun. Try to let your child know positive things about dentist visit. For example, the dentist will clean your teeth to make them shiny and beautiful. On the appointment day, do not eat too full because if your child happens to cry, he/she is like to vomit.

Choosing toothbrush and tooth paste for your child

Choose toothbrush with soft brush and tooth paste with 1000 ppm. Fluoride which can be used right after the first baby tooth appears. The amount of tooth paste is as follow:

  • The first baby tooth to 3 years old: a small dab of tooth paste on the top of toothbrush. Parents should help with toothbrushing and wiping it off the tooth / teeth.
  • 3 – 6 years old, the amount of tooth paste is the width of brush. Parents should help when squeezing the tube and with brushing.
  • 6 years and above, the amount of tooth paste is the length of brush. Let the child brush his/her own teeth and the parents re-check. If not clean enough, help them re-brush. If your child’s teeth are packed in tight, use dental floss once a day.

How parents can help your child prevent tooth decay?

Avoid eating desserts. If your child wants to eat them, let them eat in meal time and brush their teeth after that so that food stains are removed all at once to prevent tooth decay. Do not allow your child to sleep while sucking on bottle. Clean the teeth after drinking milk. (frame) If your want your child to have healthy teeth along with proper development, do not ignore oral care right when the first baby tooth appears. Taking your child to dentist visit regularly is a way to healthy teeth.

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